Che Applewhaite

Che Applewhaite is a 18-year-old student who is passionate about understanding the issues today that he thinks will affect the future, primarily changes in international relations, feminism and global warming. His musical tastes are defined by a deep appreciation of jazz, house and rap, though by are no means limited to those genres. He can often be found in a museum or bookshop on a weekend. He likes to think (he thinks) internationally. He tweets @appl_w.


Jonny Ko
Politics and Economics Editor

Jonny is a first-year student at the University of Warwick with a passion for behavioural economics and current affairs. He holds strong beliefs regarding liberalism and free markets. His favourite book is Nudge and he loves finding out about human behavioural biases and quirky, inventive solutions for them. In his spare time, Jonny plays basketball and produces music, and his go-to playlists are hip-hop and anything J Dilla.

Fiona Sullivan
Life and Society Editor

Fiona is a 17-year-old student from London with a keen interest in politics and how ideology shapes society. A fervent socialist, she believes that capitalism is a system of disadvantage directly linked to marginalisation. She is passionate about political LGBT issues, and angry that the shadow of outdated homophobia and transphobia in the UK has yet to disappear. When not studying she can be found reading, listening to music and being cynical.

Prashan Balendran
Science Editor

Prashan is a 18 year old student with a keen interest in the ethical implications of current scientific research often hidden from the public eye. He feels strongly about the development of needless technologies to the detriment of essential genetic research and has decided to pursue a career in genomic research due to its increasing importance to our wellbeing. He also has a wide range of hobbies, ranging from creative writing to listening to music and being a Marvel enthusiast.