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Emily Hawkins

Emily Hawkins is a writer for Whippersnapper and is 19 years old. She is studying History and Politics in Norwich and co-edits the literary magazine Ameliorate. Although a card-carrying member of Labour, she is critical of neo-liberalism, and believes that utilities should be nationalised. She is interested in making politics accessible to all and increasing representation amongst marginalised groups. As well as writing for Whippersnapper, she is involved in young feminist movements and believes gender liberation is essential to socialism.

Henry Edwards

Henry Edwards is a 18 year old student from Basingstoke, Hampshire studying Economics, Maths and Biology. He is especially interested in the global markets, free trade and is hell bent on Britain remaining in the EU. Describing himself as a free market conservative and loves to read about anything involving politics or economics. In his spare time he enjoys playing all different sports but his true love lies in rugby.

Sam Betley

Sam Betley is an 18-year-old writer for Whippersnapper. He is taking a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology at Durham University. A Ukip supporter who wishes the Conservatives would stay true to their core principles, Sam is looking forward to being an active campaigner in the fight to extract the UK from the European Union. When he isn’t watching past editions of Question Time on iPlayer, Sam enjoys football and cricket – Chelsea and Somerset County Cricket Club are particularly close to his heart – and relaxes by listening to decades-old punk music.

Tom Smith

Tom Smith is an 18 year old from Kent, who is looking forward to studying Theoretical Physics at university. Tom loves all things physics, from Quantum Mechanics to General Relativity. He also has a political streak, winning his school’s mock election leading a libertarian party. He spends his spare time hopping between Atlas Shrugged and the Feynman Lectures.

Rosie Harrison

Rosie is an IB student writing for Whippersnapper to provide her insights about chronic illnesses, of which she has a few. She enjoys History as well as Philosophy of Art. She is intrigued and by existentialism, absurdism and phenomenology and hence sees Franz Kafka and Henri Matisse as her key inspirations.

Janith Peiris

Janith Peiris is a writer for Whippersnapper, especially interested in Middle Eastern and South Asian affairs. In particular, he is very knowledgeable on the Israel-Palestine Conflict and the political situation in Sri Lanka and the rest of the Indian Subcontinent. He is a 16 year-old student with a deep interest in the UN and international diplomacy. He also likes rabbits.

Joseph Ward

Joseph Ward is from Norwich. Being one of those few awkward Labour members who thought One Nation Labour was a brilliant idea, his politics focuses on morality and solidarity. Despite wanting trans-national trade unions to rule the world, he mainly adheres to the general beliefs of his party and takes an active part serving on its executive committee and co-founding and chairing Norwich Young Labour. With keen interests such as backgammon, theatre and his friend’s social lives, his miserable yet vaguely informative tweets can be found @Wardulous.

Holly Norcop

Holly Norcop is a 23-year-old Oxford Brookes graduate in psychology and English. ​She is currently enjoying an occupational graduate crisis and working in everything from a scare actress at Alton Towers, to a voluntary bid writer for international aid charities. ​She loves working with young adults – she was recently involved in the “Bite the Ballot” campaign and also delivered the NCS (National Citizen Service) with “The Challenge.” She is interested in issues surrounding educational disadvantage, youth rights and social inequality related to class and gender.

Vida Adamczewski

Vida Adamczewski is studies at the University of Oxford. She enjoys reading Marx, discussing feminism, collecting vintage clothes and cutting politicians down to size. She writes two blogs, frowns a lot and is perpetually mid-rant; if you are looking for cynicism, you’ve found your girl. Given that she wasn’t able to vote in May (grrrr) she didn’t feel obliged to commit to any one of the clone political parties available, but if push comes to shove, she’d take Labour over the rest of them any day.