About Us


Whippersnapper is a platform run by, for and about young people.

Life, Society, Politics, Science and Culture

We ask: How are young people viewing, understanding and influencing our world?

Mainstream media largely doesn’t represent us, thinking of us as apathetic or worse, but this perception of young people is often very different to actual truth.

We want to make sure there is a better representation of young people – our lives, our views and the things we care about, no matter where we live or what those views may be. Whippersnapper is a place for open and honest discussion.

We also seek to give the necessary space for young people to showcase writing and media skills to help them in the future.

  • Life: What affects you personally as a young person? Here, we showcase views on identity, health, religion, body image, sex, relationships, drinking, drugs and more.
  • Society: How does society influence you? Think school and university environments, diversity, discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and more.
  • Politics: How does government policy influence you? Think housing, the economy, living wage, education policy and more.
  • Sciences: Interesting things in the worlds of science and technology young people care about.
  • Culture: Arts, books, magazines and culture created by us or reviewed from our perspective.


We post articles from our vibrant and perceptive contributors on the topics of:

  • YouthVoice

Young people’s views, represented fairly for open and honest discussion.

What view would you like to share with others on a part of life, society, science or culture?

  • YouthAction

Across the world, young people are doing exciting things to benefit others. Whippersnapper showcases these efforts amongst events and opportunities that exist for our benefit.

What are we doing to change things in the ways we can in life, society, science or culture?

Every week, look out for an article from each section and comment on what you think!

Special Sections:

  • The Interviews
    Whippersnapper put your thoughts and questions to leading figures in the media, society and the political world.

Whippersnapper: What’s in a name?

“A young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Young people are often labelled as layabouts. We know that’s not true, and we want to show it’s not true. We provide this space, slightly ironically under this name, to make sure your views are no longer ignored or misrepresented.