Open Borders and More: Sam Bowman believes in Bleeding Heart Libertarianism

During summer, Sam Bowman of the Adam Smith Institute presented a small audience at the IEA with a very interesting and radical set of ideas with huge implications. His politics were concerned with a very specific strand of political philosophy – Bleeding Heart Libertarianism.

While classical Libertarianism seeks to maximise human agency and autonomy, Bleeding Heart Libertarianism seeks to do the same but with a specific focus on reducing poverty. From this perspective, they ask; which policies should we adopt that both increase economic freedom and promote social justice across the world ? This raised many questions not only for me but others in the audience who initially were at odds to grasp the possibility of such ideas.

Could we ever have open borders, legal drugs and wealth redistribution all at once? Maybe not in the foreseeable future, but why would we seek to have them anyway? I sat down with Sam Bowman to discuss these policy ideas, for I didn’t think my heart had to bleed to care about poverty.

On Open Borders

On Drugs Legalisation

On Wealth Redistribution

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