An Interview with David Burrowes MP: Why I oppose gay marriage.

In an exclusive interview for Whippersnapper, David Burrowes MP (Conservative, Enfield Southgate) discusses his opposition to gay marriage, why Labour has a lead with young people, his support for compulsory voting, and what you do with a problem like Ukip.


MP Profile:

David Burrowes has been the Conservative MP for the North London seat of Enfield Southgate, the former seat of Michael Portillo, since 2005. He is a prominent Christian Conservative, who along with Times columnist Tim Montgomery founded the Conservative Christian Fellowship, of which he is currently the Parliamentary Chairman. He is also an Officer of the Conservative Friends of Israel group.

He was a key figure in the campaign to stop computer hacker, Gary McKinnon, a constituent, being extradited to the United States on charges of conducting “the biggest military computer hack of all time” into US military and NASA computers. The campaign was successful with the Home Secretary, Theresa May stopping the extradition order in 2012.

More recently in February 2015, he was the subject of minor embarrassment after going campaigning for the general election in the neighbouring Labour constituency, and knocking on the door of the MP, Andy Love.

Issues covered in the interview:

  • His reaction to the Church of England’s repeated criticism of the Conservatives, and whether this presents a problem to him
  • Why he opposed gay marriage
  • Why he wants to keep bishops in the House of Lords
  • Whether his support for elected police and crime commissioners (PCCs) was a mistake
  • Why the Conservatives fall so far behind when it comes to youth support
  • Proposals to increase engagement with politics and voter turnout, including his support for compulsory voting
  • Unpaid internships & the living wage
  • The state of Prime Minister’s Questions
  • How to deal with Ukip
  • An EU referendum