Who we are

Whippersnapper is a political blog aimed primarily at, and from the perspective of young people, founded by Adrian Burbie and Ché Applewhaite, two 16 year-old students who care passionately about politics, current affairs and issues directly affecting young people. We created this blog:
• to give us and like-minded young people a platform to voice their views
• to promote lively discussion around the hot topics of the UK and world today
• to show the breadth of political views amongst young people
• to give our readers a fresh and informed view of the world

Whippersnapper: What’s in a name?

“A young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.” (Oxford English Dictionary)

Yes, as the name suggests, we are a group of like-minded, young individuals who have too much to say, and what to unleash their opinions on anyone that will listen. Young people are often labelled as feckless layabouts, who are apathetic about politics and contribute little to society. We hope we can represent the exception that disproves the rule. 

We have many opinions on today’s political world that we want to share, because too often, the views of the young are discounted and ignored when it comes to politics. Whether it be in Westminster, Capitol Hill or even your local high street, we have got opinions galore when it comes to politics, which we want to shout from the rooftops to anyone unfortunate enough to be within 15 ft. 

Raison d’être

We are not just a news blog. We are not just a political blog. We are an exciting smorgasbord of political opinion, commentary and analysis with exploratory forays into the worlds of culture, religion, education, economics, law, society, science; basically anything that can make us and you think. We certainly won’t be confining ourselves to the corridors of power in Westminster like some blogs do, as we feel that we should not forget the politics happening on the streets, in the living rooms and in the schools of this nation. 

Our concept is simple: every week we will post articles from our various young and spritely contributors on Monday and Thursday (or whenever our GCSE timetables permit) for your delectation.

The Monday post will be the Editor’s Argument section, where Ché and Adrian will engage in a good round of fisticuffs, trading blows over an issue that has riled them during the week. In the unlikely event that we agree on something, we will try and resume normal service as quickly as possible. On Thursdays we will hand the airwaves over to another young contributor to give them their soapbox on which they can air their views. As we expand, and as our schoolwork timetables loosen up, we hope to increase this posting schedule as much as possible. 

(SOURCE: http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/831/cache/westminster-fog-london-england_83138_990x742.jpg)
About Che Applewhaite
Che Applewhaite is the Editor-in-Chief of Whippersnapper. He is a 18-year-old student who is passionate about understanding the issues today that he thinks will affect the future, primarily changes in international relations, feminism and global warming. His musical tastes are defined by a deep appreciation of jazz, minimalism, house and rap, though by no means are limited to those genres. He can often be found in a museum or bookshop on a weekend.