A very merry Christmas to one and all!

T’is Christmas Day, a time of jollity and goodwill to all men. I shall keep this short for I know that brandy needs drinking, turkey needs stuffing, and TV remotes need to be squabbled over.

It is exactly 100 years today since the famous Christmas Day truce of 1914 in no man’s land, when British and German troops downed weapons to engage in the gentleman’s game. This is the subject Ed Miliband decides to focus on for his Christmas message, speaking of the need for generosity, human spirit and hope. Mr Miliband then chose to end his message by speaking of next May’s general election, saying, “Our country faces a choice next year. Let’s choose generosity and inclusion.”

Nick Clegg also focused on the Christmas truce, saying, “This Christmas and beyond, we can each do our bit to help secure the fairer, more peaceful world that the soldiers in 1914 longed for and our children deserve: reaching out to those people – wherever they may be – who feel isolated, who are caught up in conflict or who need our help.”

David Cameron meanwhile chose to focus on the UK’s “Christian values” and praised the efforts of the military, aid workers, medical workers abroad and the emergency services in the UK, and said that the UK could always be depended upon to give, share and take care of others.

All is eerily quiet here now. Westminster is in recess, and Ché Applewhaite, my Co-Editor is away in sunny Trinidad. We hope you will join us for our official launch in the New Year. So, from all the staff here at Whippersnapper, we wish you a very merry Christmas, and leave you with the heart-warming image below from His Tonyness.

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